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Magnificent Magens Bay, St. Thomas: Photo of the Day

One of the most enduring, iconic images of the entire West Indies, Magens Bay fits most anyone’s idea of tropical paradise. The beach stretches for nearly a mile along the north shore of St. Thomas, delighting locals and visitors alike with its powder-soft sand and cool, calm waters.

The natural protection offered by the deep bay has been a boon to sailors dating back through the centuries. From the overlook where our friend, Hiral Gosalia, captured this image it’s easy to imagine pirates and privateers like Sir Francis Drake lying in wait in these ideally obscured waters for an unsuspecting passing ship to plunder.

The boats you’ll find here these days are mostly helmed by local fishermen who anchor around the eastern edge of the bay. Along the sand you’ll find food concessions, lifeguards, restrooms, showers, and shade, all of which makes Magens particularly good for families.

Magens may be the most famous beach on St. Thomas, but it’s just one of many scenic sandy coves to discover all over the island. To see which one(s) might best suit you, check out this handy list of St. Thomas beaches.


*Lead photo credit: Hiral Gosalia via Flickr.

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