Saturday Video: Everything That Makes the Virgin Islands So Nice

Maybe you’re not from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Maybe you’ve never visited and don’t understand how or why Patrick and I can harbor such an infinitely strong bias toward our homeland. After all, there are lots of phenomenal places all over the Caribbean, all of which we tell you about here on Uncommon Caribbean all the time.

For us, though, there is absolutely, positively no place like home.


Our friend and rising reggae star Pressure Busspipe breaks it all down beautifully in his song Virgin Islands Nice

If you love the U.S. Virgin Islands and have even the scantest of sentimental bones in your body, then it’s impossible not to get emotional over the sights and sounds in this video. For me, and everyone else who lived there pre-Hurricane Hugo, that goes double.

We lived many of the milestones and achievements mentioned in the song. Julian Jackson’s rise to the top of the boxing world, former St. Croix Dolphins teammate Tim Duncan morphing from scrawny 50-meter sprinter into NBA legend, Midnite putting the V.I. on the map in the world of reggae – all of these things instilled an unshakeable pride in all of us for our islands; a pride that sticks with us no matter where we roam.

Like Pressure sings: I’M SO PROUD TO BE FROM THE V.I. This video certainly shows why, but for the full reason you’ll have to visit and experience St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John first-hand.

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