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Saturday Video: Falling Back in Love with St. John


I gotta’ admit, for as much as I’ve ALWAYS loved St. John and ALWAYS considered it to be my own, personal dream Caribbean vacation, I was a tad disappointed to see how much it has developed during my last visit there. I didn’t get to venture much outside Cruz Bay on that particular trip, though, so it’s not like I was ready to make any sweeping pronouncements swearing off the place, or anything like that. Still, I feared that the St. John I fell in love with during my childhood days in nearby St. Croix was gone.

After watching this video, though, my fears were all gone.

The short film was produced by Director Jacob Schwarz, who clearly has a keen eye and deep affection for this magical island. Combining incredible images with a stirring, inspiring score provided by A. Taylor, Schwarz gives us a unique look at St. John’s enduring natural beauty, wildlife and attractions.

Even if you’ve visited St. John dozens of times before, it’s highly likely that you’ve never seen it quite like this. I know I haven’t, which has me more than a little excited to get back here again soon.

Schwarz says he’s got enough footage to produce what would most certainly be an epic 12-minute version of this video. Considering how much this shorter piece has me re-enthused about St. John, I’m sure that the powers that be within the USVI Department of Tourism will want to be in touch with Mr. Schwarz, don’t you?

To check out more amazing videos by Jacob Schwarz, visit him on youtube.

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