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Set Sail for Pizza Pi, The Caribbean’s Most Uncommon Pizzeria

Tales of those who escape the Real World for a life of sailing around the Caribbean, though great, are not altogether that uncommon. (We’ve shared a few such tales here and here.)

A story about Real World escapees turned Caribbean sailors who converted their boat into a floating pizzeria, though, is something very, very different…

How cool is that?!

Says here that Pizza Pi serves up New York-style ‘za, no doubt inspired by co-owner Sasha Bouis’ roots down on Wall Street. All Pizza Pi pizzas are made directly aboard the 37-foot aluminum hulled sailing vessel that Sasha and his wife, Tara, formerly called home.

Despite having no prior experience sailing or designing, building and operating a pizzeria, the pair undertook the two-year process of converting the ship into a professional pizza kitchen on their own – incredible!

I’m guessing, as suggested in the video, that Pizza Pi does a brisk carry-out business, with many patrons sticking around to enjoy the sweet surrounds of Christmas Cove located just off St. Thomas’ east coast, the pizzeria’s normal base of operations.

I’ve read that Pizza Pi delivers as well, but really, where would you rather enjoy your pizza lunch or dinner?

Pizza Pi is closed currently for hurricane season, but will reopen in November.

For more info, check ’em out online.

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