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The Perfect Caribbean Destination for 100% of Americans, Especially the 70%

Who are the 30%?

All across America, their numbers are growing. They represent all age groups, races, economic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and more. Look to your left; now to your right. Gaze deep into the mirror directly in front of you. You’re bound to see one…

Yes, dear reader, the 30% is most of us – U.S. Citizens with passports.

The statistics vary depending upon the source, but most agree that somewhere between 60-70% of all Americans still do not posses a valid U.S. Passport. This, no doubt, boggles the mind of most uncommon travelers, though when you consider the image above, you can almost understand where the 70% is coming from.

That choice corner of paradise is Trunk Bay in St. John, as sublime an expression of Mother Nature’s majesty as exists anywhere in the world. Every time I see it, my heart literally skips a beat. That water, as calm and clear as any pool; those offshore rocks harboring untold snorkeling treasures at their feet; that string of idyllic islets trailing off into the distance – if you dreamed this view it couldn’t be more perfect!

(Download a FREE Trunk Bay wallpaper here!)

Trunk Bay is, however, but one in a seemingly endless series of picture-perfect vistas you can find and experience all over our home Territory, The United States Virgin Islands. I say “Territory” because from a legal perspective that’s exactly what the U.S. Virgin Islands are; an Unincorporated Territory of the United States.

That status affords certain rights and benefits to those living in the islands, as well as Americans wishing to visit. The biggest plus for the 70%: No Passport is required for U.S. Citizens.

So, just as you only need your driver’s license to make that dreary mid-winter business trip to Detroit (no offense, Motor City), you can bask in the warmth and wonder of Trunk Bay in the exact same ultra-convenient way.

No matter which Passport Percentage camp you fall in, I’m sure that 100% of you will find Trunk Bay’s appeal to be well worth the trip. For more on travel to St. John, check out VisitUSVI.com.


*Lead photo credit: Hiral Gosalia via Flickr.

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