Jacob Bondesen and His Boys on the Loose Again in the V.I.: Uncommon Envy

Sometimes you think you have it good.

You’re traveling to the Caribbean on a regular basis, getting off the beaten path and fully immersing in the local scene. Maybe you’re sampling your share of fine and exotic local rums and cuisine along the way, making new friends, and writing about it in a cool website you launched called Uncommon Caribbean.

Oh wait, that’s all about me!

Indeed, I do have it good, but somehow Jacob Bondesen always seems to have it better.

Remember the rollicking good times he and his boys enjoyed pillaging across the U.S. and British Virgin Islands last year? Well, they were back at it again just a few months, delving even deeper into the local party scene and exploring more of the natural wonders found only in these amazing little islands…

Considering I’ve yet to enjoy a sailing adventure of my own through the Virgins, I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from with these envious feelings. Jacob even tells me that their next trip is already set for this coming October – imagine my envy then!

Here’s hoping they come back with another great video for us to share, or better yet, that we can stow away with them for a portion of the trip!

For more on bareboat and crewed yacht charter options in the BVI’s, click here.

*Lead photo credit: David Reber via Flickr.

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