Dego Danite and Ras Jahny

UK Reggae Thanks & Praises for USA Thanksgiving

The leftovers have been stored away, the tryptophan is kicking in and Thanksgiving 2012 is just about cooked for those of us in the USA. In line with the vibes, we’re keeping things simple and smooth with a quickie music video for the well-known reggae hit, Thanks & Praises.

In our typically uncommon style, though, this particular version of Marley’s classic is one that most readers on our side of the pond have likely yet to hear.

Give Thanks & Praises By Dego Danite & Ras Jahny Sax3 Productions

These Thanks & Praises are expressed by Dego Danite and Ras Jahny, a pair of sweet-sounding songsters who have apparently made big names for themselves in UK dancehall circles for the better part of the past 30 years!

The duo is new to me, but I like the way in which they combine the popular Sitting and Watching riddim popularized by the legendary Dennis Brown with elements of Thanks & Praises. The song certainly fits for me right now – belly full under the stars with a nice tumbler of El Dorado 15 in hand.

Yeah, I’m thankful. And then some.

Here’s hoping you feel the same way too.

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