And the Winner of our VIP RumFest Escape Sweepstakes is…

Botran Rum at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival/SBPR

Congratulations Robert J. Wasserman of Charlestown, South Carolina – you’re the big winner of our VIP RumFest Escape sweepstakes! As with all our giveaways, Robert’s name was chosen at random from among all the entries, but it seems we couldn’t have hand-picked a better recipient of the two VIP passes to the 2012 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival (+ $500) than this rum-lover. Earlier today, I asked him to tell me his favorite rum. Check out part of his answer:

…I have several I reach for. My real favorite is my own recipe spiced (and spicy) rum that i make from either Cruzan dark or Doorly’s with a dash of overproof.

Wow, looks like we have a ringer, eh?! Should be tons of fun (and educational) hanging with Robert during Rum Renaissance this year. Of course, I hope you’ll come out and join us for all the rum fun as well. VIP passes to the 2012 Festival are on sale now, and special discounts on rooms at the host hotel, the Deauville Resort on Miami Beach, are still available.

For all the details on how best you can enjoy the 2012 Rum Renaissance Festival, click here to visit the event website. If you go, definitely look for us and let’s toast to the wonders of the Noble Spirit together.


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