Miami Rum Congress 2023

Miami Rum Congress 2023 – A Preview

I’m guessing that the image above doesn’t represent what most people think of when they think of a rum festival. Well, at least not most people who’ve come to know rum festivals through us here at Uncommon Caribbean. I mean, remember our fun at the World’s Sexiest Rum Party? Yeah, the staid image here appears more serious lecture series than wild booze-fest. That, however, is exactly the vibe that organizers of Miami Rum Congress 2023 are shooting for.

We prefer [Miami Rum Congress] to be niche, beautiful, and prestigious; not a drunk-fest.

So says Federico “Fede” Hernández, the main face behind Miami Rum Congress. (More on Federico here.)

As with other Fede productions that I’ve come to know (New York Rum Festival, The Rum Lab), Miami Rum Congress 2023 aims to elevate rum’s status. Forget pirates, peg legs, loud shirts, and grass skirts. This confab caters to connoisseurs and the choice rum producers, distributors, and retailers that serve them.

To be sure, not every truly great rum brand will be represented at this year’s Congress. Nevertheless, the list of participants remains strong and has me salivating!

Brugal, Chairman’s, Don Q, Barcelo, El Dorado, English Harbour, and Angostura will all be there. So too will be beloved Martinican rhum agricole brands like Rhum Clément, Rhum JM, and event Saint James!

New-to-me rums that I’m also anxious to try include Parce (Colombia) and Saint Benevolence, a Clairin from Haiti with a heart of gold.

Sampling some/all of these amazing rums will no doubt be great fun. Even better for someone like me who’s keen on learning everything about rum, though, are the Miami Rum Congress 2023 seminars. In particular, a discussion on the evolution of rum styles sounds fascinating to me. I mean, just check out this description…

While today’s rum consumers have a cornucopia of styles and flavor profiles to choose from, it wasn’t always this way. When and why did rum makers in Cuba start making rum differently than in Jamaica? How is Napoleon partly responsible for the rise of rhum agricole as a style? In this session, you’ll learn how the crude rums of the 1600s flowered into a multitude of different styles.

Yeah, that’s a talk that’s right up my alley. If I get to enjoy it with a bit of Rhum JM, then even better!

Miami Rum Congress 2023 goes down February 10–12 at the Hilton Cabana Miami Beach. For full details on the event program and how to get tickets, visit

Oh, and if you want to link up with me during the show, just slide into our DMs on Instagram.


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