Saturday Video: Los Roques, Venezuela in 14,500 Photos

You guys need to check out ___________.

Next to “Are you guys hiring?,” it’s probably the most common bit of feedback we get. Diane Newcomb keeps selling us on Salt Cay. Chad Cawley says we won’t know the real Curacao til we link up with his friends there. Marie Galante, the Corn Islands, Jamaica’s Pelican Bar, Cayo Arena, the list of your great suggestions goes on and on.

The latest addition to the list, Los Roques, may just top them all.

I was reminded of these spectacular islands by UC reader and Venezuela-native, Alejandro Lara. We met a couple days ago in a meeting for my day job, during which the conversation routinely veered from the business at hand to the travel adventures we both hope someday to experience. Los Roques, Alejandro asserted, would blow my mind.

Judging by today’s featured video, I’d say he’s probably right.

Shot by Brazilian photographer and designer Nelson Porto as part of the AnimaFoto project, the video is actually a series of 90 timelapse sequences produced from more than 14,500 photos!

More incredible than those stats, though, is the footage itself – an absolutely astounding medley of images showcasing the incredible unspoiled beauty of pristine islands in a way that will have you checking flights long before the closing credits…

For more on Los Roques, click here.


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