Lizzy's Lunchbox, Vieques

Lizzy’s Lunchbox, Vieques: Prime Pre-Beach Pitstop in Esperanza

Fueling up before heading out to explore the many famed beaches of Vieques is easy in La Esperanza. The sleepy seaside enclave on Vieques’ south shore is somewhat of a small-scale tourist haven. As such, it’s home to a cozy collection of bars and restaurants, many of which line the town’s modest Malecon. Though they all appeared inviting ahead of the full day of beach-hopping I enjoyed here back in October 2022, I ultimately opted for something different. Something more convenient and intimate, yet boasting the same beautiful sea view as Esperanza’s more formal eateries. Indeed, for me, Lizzy’s Lunchbox was perfect.

Set in the shade at the far east end of Playa La Esperanza, Lizzy’s is a tiny food trailer. Do not, however, let its humble size fool you. This modest mobile eatery is packed with some seriously delicious treats.

In particular, Lizzy’s Lunchbox specializes in that most beloved of Mexican delights: the taco.

Eight different taco variations were available during my pre-beach hopping pitstop. Usual favorites like chorizo, beef, chicken, pork topped the menu. For seafood lovers, though, Lizzy also offered grilled fish, shrimp, and bacalao (gazpacho)!

No matter what you choose, you can be sure to enjoy a tasty, affordable, and very filling street food dining experience. My two tacos (I opted for the fish) only set me back $6. Lizzy’s tacos were also so filling that I barely felt like eating anything the rest of the day.

Best of all, I got to enjoy liming in the shade with Lizzy and the handful of other locals who happened by to grab a quick bite here. We shared a few laughs while admiring (semi) wild horses grazing about Playa La Esperanza. Lizzy gave me some tips on things to see, Vieques history, and her choice picks for the best beaches and when to visit them.

All in all, it was a nice, delicious, and informative lime that figured prominently in my having an excellent day exploring Vieques. For much of the same, be sure to visit Lizzy’s Lunchbox next time you’re in Vieques. Your soul and your stomach won’t regret it. 

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