Sandcastlematt Makes Art of Caracas Beach, Vieques

Few things bring out the kid in me when adventuring around the Caribbean with my kids quite like building sandcastles. For my two brothers and I, this was always a prime component of our frequent family trips to Cramers Park back home in St. Croix.

(When we weren’t hurling sand at each other, that is…)

For years, our castles were of the standard variety, empty plastic cups and buckets serving as the mold for the various edifices we’d erect behind thick and imposing walls of sand designed to repel any imagined enemy attack, onrushing tidal waves, or the odd wayward dog.

Then, somewhere around the age of 11 or 12, I remember learning the drip technique.

Gathering small amounts of very wet sand and allowing a slow stream of it to drip from the tips of our fingers allowed us to add some serious style to our formerly drab fortresses.

Never, though, did we ever achieve anything quite on the scale of what’s pictured above.

This is the incredible work of Sandcastlematt, whom we came across recently on Flickr. As Matt notes on his Flickr profile page

I don’t know much about about photography; I like making sand castles at the beach

Amazing sandcastles, I’d say. How he manages to work such magic with his creations is absolutely beyond me, though I’m guessing that the location where he built the one above only helped with the process.

Formerly known as Red Beach during the days of U.S. Navy occupation in Vieques, Caracas Beach is magical all on its own.

Set within The Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, Caracas Beach is centrally-located along the southern coast of the island. The beach faces the calm Caribbean Sea, yielding smooth and cool swimming conditions ideal for families.

The sand, of course, is quite ideal as well. Ultra-soft and bearing a light-white color, the sand along the shore here is what most beach dreams are made of, especially, it seems if those dreams include a bit of sandcastle-building fun.

To check out more of Sandcastlematt‘s amazing work, visit him on Flickr.

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