Sunset Saturnalia Over Gun Cay in Bimini, The Bahamas

As mid-travel sunset memories worthy of such fancy words as “Saturnalia” go, this image captured over Gun Cay in the Bimini archipelago of The Bahamas a few years back is tough to beat for me.

We weren’t there in December, as would be customary of the wildly unrestrained ancient Roman celebration honoring Saturn, but boy were we having fun.

Gun Cay, a tiny offshoot of Bimini – utterly remote, completely uninhabited; its surrounding waters teeming with all manner of exotic sea life – provided us with way more gifts and adventures than you might expect from such a small spec of an islet.

It’s easy to achieve the most wonderful sense of absolute freedom out here, virtually alone with the ones closest to you, the sea, and your own little private paradise just a short swim away…

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