The essence of the Caribbean – its history, its heritage, celebrations, music, superstitions, passions, gastronomy and more – all of it has roots in rum.

Much more than mere alcohol, rum defines our region; a lasting vestige to the Caribbean’s earliest days that engenders as much (or more) national pride today in such proud rum-producing destinations as Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Martinique as it did centuries ago.

Aged, overproof, spiced, agricole – these are the forms of rum most known around the world. But to really appreciate the region’s rum culture, one must delve deeper. Wa Bio, Clairin, Mamajuana, Babash – these are a few of the local blends; the bush rums emblematic of the days when just about every island had hundreds of plantations, and each of them produced their own special rum.

Whether your tastes are strictly top shelf, or you’re keen on something more uncommon, the Caribbean offers a myriad of dynamic rum journeys worth discovering, as much for the flavor as for the secrets they reveal about the true spirit of each country.

And don’t worry if you can’t always make it to the Caribbean for your rum run, you can always buy rum online!

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