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The Dominican Republic (an island nation roughly twice the size of New Hampshire) really has it all.

Sure, everyone has heard of the pristine white sands. The coconut groves. And sprawling all-inclusives gracing well-trod resort areas like Punta Cana. But there’s so much more to this destination.

Just a few hours northwest of Punta Cana you’ll find the ancient, bizarre geological formations of Los Haitises National Park. It’s practically heaven on earth for any uncommon adventurer interested in history and nature.

Across the “Bahia de las Flechas” (Bay of Arrows), the once sleepy fishing village of Samana boasts magnificent 5-star accommodations. Even better, they double as front row seats to annual Humpback whale migrations.

To the west, you can find Cabarete—the “action sports capital of the Caribbean.” Visitors can expect kiteboarding, surfing, canyoning, and to meet fun people who love to do all those things and more!

The region’s highest thrills, however, are just three hours south in the form of Pico Duarte. This is the tallest peak in the entire Caribbean. It soars to heights of over 10,000 ft above sea level in Armando Bermudez National Park.

Continuing south, intrepid travelers reach Santo Domingo. The oldest European city in the “New World,” it was founded more than a hundred years before anything in the mainland US! The first European church, street, fort, monastery, university, hospital, everything on this side of the pond— it all started here in the Dominican Republic.

And then there’s the rum. Oh, the rum! Thankfully, just by knowing the “3 B’s” (Barcelo, Brugal, and Bermudez) you can’t go wrong!

So whether it’s climbing mountains, surfing, kiteboarding, visiting some of the most historic sites in the Americas, or just kicking back on world-class, white sand beaches, the Dominican Republic really has it all.

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Where to stay on The Dominican Republic

Xeliter Vista Mare

Sublime Hotel Samana Dominican Republic

Sublime Samana

Ani Villas

Ani Private Resorts – Dominican Republic


Things to do in The Dominican Republic

Los Haitises National Park island with birds by Patrick Bennett

Los Haitises National Park

Salto del Limon Waterfall, Samana, Dominican Republic by Patrick Bennett

El Salto del Limón

La Boca Del Diablo by Patrick Bennett

La Boca Del Diablo

Playa Rincon Samana Dominican Republic by Patrick Bennett

Playa Rincon


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