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Cuba is so many things. It’s the largest island in the Caribbean. Of course, it’s home to Havana—one of the most intoxicating cities in the Caribbean. It’s a beach destination with brilliant, white-sand beaches gleam along its north and south coasts. It’s home to the largest cave system in the Caribbean; found the in the otherwordly landscape of Viñales. It’s the only place in the world to see dozens of varieties of orchids found only in its western rain forests. It’s home to Trinidad, Cuba—a time machine back into the Spanish colonial West Indies. It’s also, quite notably, home to Havana Club. And the birthplace of the daiquiri.

And, unfortunately, Cuba is also a restricted destination for travelers from the United States.

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Havana Club 7 – Immortal Rum Divino de Cuba

All great rums boast a strong legacy. Precious few extra special rums, though, are immortal. Havana Club 7 is one of them.
Havana Club Añejo Especial

Havana Club Especial – Divino Double-Aged Ron de Cuba

A double is always in order when enjoying fine rum. In the case of Havana Club Especial, though, it's also guaranteed... In a way.
Cerveza Hatuey

Cerveza Hatuey: Back To The Future (Sort of) Sabor de Cuba

The story of Cerveza Hatuey is really the story of 3 beers. It's also the story of a brave man and Cuba's enduring fight against oppression.
El Saoco Rum Cocktail from Cuba

Saoco Recipe: A Refreshing Taste of Old Cuba Campesino Life

The Saoco rum cocktail tradition stems from poverty among the campesinos in Cuba and the type of resourcefulness required to endure it.
Kitesurfing Cuba

Coming Around To Kitesurfing Cuba

The Caribbean has some of the world's best kitesurfing grounds, but kitesurfing Cuba? That can't be a thing, right? I mean, regular surfing is illegal here.
Bicitaxi in Havana, Cuba | Credit: Flickr user Pedro Szekely

Bounding About Havana via Bicitaxi

Classic American cars get the glory, but they're not the only way to get around Havana. Bicitaxis provide a more uncommon experience.
Playa La Boca, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba | Credit: Flickr user lezumbalaberenjena

Perfectly Imperfect Playa La Boca, Cuba

These days, when I dream of finally getting to really experience Cuba, my thoughts generally center away from the classic American cars and historic sites of Havana in favor of more peaceful environs like these in La Boca.
El Cocinero, Havana, Cuba

Dining at El Cocinero, Havana

At El Cocinero, those lucky enough to find themselves in Havana for a night can discover delectable dining, a vibrant bar scene, music, heady cocktails, and an outdoor terrace worthy of the trip alone.
Getting guarapo in Cuba

Sweet Guarapo in Cuba

Just fresh pressed sugarcane juice (with a dash of lime juice), the word guarapo was first recorded by Esteban Pichardo in his “Diccionario provincial de voces y frases cubanas” around 1875 as originating in the indigenous people's language. Add a little Havana Club to your guarapo for an even more energizing kick!
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