St. Croix by Patrick Bennett

Uncommon Caribbean Delivers Premiere Caribbean Content

Uncommon Caribbean captures the authentic soul of the West Indies through original photography, writing, and video.

Never airbrushed or artificial, our content draws travelers into our home region, compelling them to explore culturally enriching and adventurous experiential travel opportunities found in every corner of the Caribbean.

Proudly born and raised in the Caribbean on the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, our professional work experience encompasses a combined 40+ years of accomplished advertising, marketing, and public relations experience in New York and Miami.

We are marketers, not “influencers” or “bloggers.” We understand how to partner with marketing organizations to efficiently and effectively impact their business or the business of their clients.

Content that is beautiful, eloquent, and actionable.

Armed with our images and insight, explorers who demand more for their travel dollar follow in our footsteps for unique experiences found nowhere else.

We’ve produced thousands of articles, tens of thousands of professional photographs, hours of high definition video, and clocked dozens of hours in the air utilizing the latest aerial drone technology.

Made by West Indians for the West Indies.

Born and raised in the Caribbean, capturing and sharing the authentic wonders found on our islands isn’t a job to us, it is our passion.

Intimate understanding of island-specific idiosyncrasies, local relationships, unique access, historical knowledge, and present-day industry perspective married with a unique style of content creation — you won’t find this mix anywhere else.

Content at scale without tipping the scales.

One trip becomes one article? Not with us.

One Uncommon Caribbean trip always becomes at least a half-dozen articles plus dozens of photographs and videos — all captured on the ground, in the air, and below the water. And all of it tailored to engage.

The key to consistently delivering a large quantity of high-quality content: maintaining a small, highly-qualified team. How small? If the two of us can’t do it, we don’t do it.

Past clients include

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
British Virgin Islands Tourist Board
Dominica Ministry of Tourism
Martinique Tourism Authority
Sunsail Yacht Charters limited
USVI Department of Tourism
There’s nothing like Uncommon Caribbean

…But it’s easy to work with us.

We have no desire to replace your advertising, PR, social, or any other marketing partner you have engaged on your business. Instead, our focus is on augmenting your messaging strategy and providing the highest quality unique content that’s tailored to engage with high-value audiences.

In short, we’re collaborators. Here are the three easy ways we do it.


What is the truly authentic unique selling point of your product? How can you differentiate your offering and engage the right audience? What does that look like? What does it sound like? These are some of the questions we answer in the strategic phase of this process. Once there’s alignment, we produce six months worth of content plus an overarching strategic approach to distribution for you to use throughout your marketing channels.

Content + Burst

Besides being the premiere Caribbean content creation team, we also happen to own a media outlet that can reach over half a million avid Caribbean travel enthusiasts every month. With this solution, we marry the strategy and content creation of the first solution with an explosive burst of content across all Uncommon Caribbean channels. This 100% share of voice drives engagement focused solely on your product and immediate traffic to conversion opportunities like email signups for future marketing opportunities

Content + Burst + Sustain

Today’s marketer knows it’s not enough to put out marketing messages now and then. They know to resonate with today’s consumer, a brand needs to live its values and vision. Daily. And publicly. With this solution, we extend the Burst with a strategically designed sustained distribution of content tailored to keep your product top-of-mind for Caribbean travel enthusiasts — across social media, owned properties, and SEO.

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