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MARTINIQUE is an overseas region of France (a status akin to Hawaii’s station within the U.S.) that intoxicates with a sublime combo of French Riviera chic and authentic West Indian spice. French influence is seen in everything from the excellent quality of the roads and tres-chic fashion labels in boutiques along Rue Victor Hugo, to the wide availability of fine French wines and champagne. Most notably, though, it’s seen in the exceptional quality of Martinique’s cuisine, a mix of French and Creole flavors, cooking techniques and influences widely seen as the finest in the Caribbean. Just as in Paris, they take food very seriously in Martinique. From humblest roadside food stand to fast food joints and the most exclusive restaurants, culinary treasures here abound.

Rhum is also taken very seriously in Martinique. As much a part of the island’s enduring cultural heritage and identity as anything, the island’s unique rhum agricole production method has earned for Martinique the world’s only AOC designation for rum. No visit is complete without a taste, either neat or in a planteur or ti’punch, the island’s primary cocktails. For connoisseurs seeking a more in-depth rum journey, La Route de Rhums is to fine rum as France’s La Route de Vins is to fine wine.

More adventurous travelers can opt for one-of-a-kind scuba adventures, sailing excursions to 48 satellite islets, or hiking the island’s 80-mile network of trails.

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Rhum Clément Select Barrel

Rhum Clément Select Barrel – The Whiskey Drinker’s Rum Agricole

If you like whiskey, but prefer Martinican rhum agricole, then Rhum Clément Select Barrel may just offer the best of both worlds for you...
Trois-Ilets, Martinique

Trois-Ilets – The Most Absolutely Aptly-Named Town in Martinique

Caribbean place names often don't fit the surrounds they represent. The quiet hamlet of Trois-Ilets in Martinique is an exception.

Féwòs (Féroce) – An Avocado Treat From Martinique That Even I Can Eat

Féwòs or féroce is the French Caribbean's answer to guacamole. These green treats, though, are 180-degrees from your typical tortilla dip.
Ma'Pina Colada Spritz

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The Ma'Pina Colada Spritz builds upon the base flavors of a piña colada, putting a French Creole twist on the iconic Puerto Rican cocktail.
Steve Bennett

Happy Birthday, Steve! From Your Uncommon Caribbean Family

Join me in raising a glass to my brother, partner, and fellow lover of all things Caribbean—Happy birthday Steve!
Art Lights at La Suite Villa

Art Lights Entrance at La Suite Villa in Trois-Ilets, Martinique

The playful art lights at the entrance to La Suite Villa set the tone for the whimsical experience in store at this stylish hôtel de charme.
Jacques Bajal, Plézi Bèlè

Plézi Bèlè Brings Martinican Folk Music Into the 21st Century

Plézi Bèlè is the pleasure of listening to Bèlè, Martinique's famed folk music. It's an apt title for the debut album from Jacques Bajal.
Rhum Clément XO

Rhum Clément XO – The Liquid Embodiment of Elegance

Rhum Clément XO is not the type of rum that you pour and drink quickly. You'll want to take things nice and slow with this beauty.
Miss Carol shipwreck, Martinique

S/V Miss Carol Shipwreck – Short-Lived Seaside Art Spectacle in Martinique

The S/V Miss Carol Shipwreck at La Plage de Pointe Marin was, up until recently, among the most instagrammable spots in all of Martinique.
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