Antigua often gets the most love for its fabled 365 beaches. While those strips of white sand are tremendous and we’ve even tried to visit all 365 (including Antigua’s one nude beach), if beaching it is the only reason you intend to visit, you’re missing out on a lot.

Antigua: The beaches are just the beginning

Antigua is home to Antigua Sailing Week—a wild annual event that features well over 100 yachts from all over the world, including some of the world’s most awe-inspiring superyachts. There’s also lots of local sailing talent on display. Besides the action on the water, you can expect parties day and night with some top musical talent also coming to Antigua to put on a show.

Antigua also makes access to the Caribbean’s rich history easy to access with forts dotting the landscape in some of the most picturesque locations. Nelson’s Dockyard (named for Admiral Horatio Nelson who made his base here), Fort Barrington overlooking the brilliant crescent of Deep Bay, Shirley Heights, Fort James, Fort Berkeley—they all welcome visitors to take a stroll through history.

And then there’s the food. Located as it is near the middle of the chain of islands that make up the Caribbean is blessed with a blend of many West Indian flavors. But it’s a blend that is uniquely Antiguan. You can get everything from inexpensive local delights (even at a restaurant that has only steps for seating), family food at restaurants like Buba’s, fantastic seafood, and world-class international fare, too.

As for where to stay, well, here again, Antigua delivers practically anything your heart desires. Budget-conscious offerings are considerably better than they deserve to be while world-renowned resorts like Curtain Bluff, Blue Waters Resort and Spa, Galley Bay, St James Club, and Carlisle Bay deliver the height of Caribbean luxury accommodations and perks.

Yes, hundreds of beaches, but Antigua also has adventure travel, some of the best sailing in the world, a vibrant music scene, delectable dining, and so much more. Did I mention the sweetest pineapple in the world?

No wonder they say “the beaches are just the beginning.”

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