Lift Off Cocktail Takes You To Antigua In A Few Sips

Maybe you’re waiting for Curtain Bluff to reopen this October. Or perhaps you have a few reservations over traveling anywhere during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. Either way, you’re not quite ready to head back to Antigua and Barbuda just yet. You miss it, though… Really, really BAD! The solution: Lift Off!

No, the Lift Off isn’t some new song or dance that can get you in a uniquely Antiguan groove. It’s actually a cocktail specially inspired by the Your Space In The Sun campaign we told you about a couple days ago. At least that’s according to it’s creator, Altino Spencer.

Lift Off Cocktail Recipe

Lift Off Cocktail Recipe

Who’s he?

Well, according to our friends at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Altino is a master mixologist and an all around cool dude.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Spencer just yet. By the looks of his Lift Off cocktail, though, he’s definitely our type of guy. Check him out…

The Lift Off: Antigua and Barbuda's Signature Cocktail

Seriously, how cool-looking is that drink with all those orange peel goldfish swimming around in there? Looks like there’s enough fun in every sip of this tipple to almost make you feel like you’re in Antigua…


If the Lift Off makes you want to escape to ANU right now, be sure to check out the travel advisory page of the Antigua and Barbuda website for the latest on COVID-19 protocols and entry requirements.



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