GRENADA is known as The Spice Island, a nod to this small island’s extremely large exports of nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, and other natural seasonings. Grenada’s savory charms don’t stop at its crops, though.

The capital city of St. George’s bursts with vibrant color, each historic building seemingly dressed in different hues emblematic of the island’s storied past. Architectural styles harken back to the French settlers of the 1700s and the English inhabitants of the 1800s. The city’s narrow streets and iconic Sendall Tunnel further espouse Grenada’s old European ties, while also belying the ease in which one can navigate the rest of the island.

And navigate the rest of the island you’ll certainly want to do, especially if you love hiking and nature. In Grenada’s interior, you’ll find the Grand Etang National Park, home to the Grand Etang Lake, exhilarating hiking trails, rivers, waterfalls and some of the most spectacular views in all of the Caribbean.

Back on Grenada’s southwest coast near St. George’s, beach lovers revel in three golden stretches of sand commonly ranked among the world’s best – Grand Anse, Lance Aux Epines, and Point Salines.

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