TRINIDAD is celebrated the world over for its annual Carnival and overall hot party vibe… and with good reason! This is the Caribbean’s ultimate good times destination, assuming you like your partying with a strong dash of the real, authentic West Indies on the side. No, you won’t find any sprawling, one size fits all “McResorts” here. No Margaritaville or Señor Frogs either. Instead, visitors to Trinidad can expect to experience a dynamic paradise, combining one of the world’s most distinctive culinary traditions with untouched natural wonders, infectious homegrown music and the warmth of a diverse ethnic population that really knows how to live it up! For evidence, simply look at the island’s pre-Lenten Carnival. Popularly known as the World’s Biggest Street Party, the event officially lasts only two days each February. Preparations (and some of the partying), though, begin as early as September, giving visitors ample opportunities to hear the live bands and watch the performers practice. Nearing the official Carnival period, practice sessions liven up and sometimes last well into the night.

The capital, Port-of-Spain is a bustling city with fantastic nightlife and great restaurants. In the midst of the city is Queen’s Park Savannah, a huge public park that used to be part of a plantation. Here is an easy place to immerse yourself in the island’s culture – take in a cricket or soccer match, hear local music and practice your dance moves before heading out to the clubs that evening.

Nightlife here is a cultural staple. From restaurants, with local musicians playing, to the booming nightclubs, Trinidad is not a place to sit on the sidelines.

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