Coming Around To Kitesurfing Cuba

Cabarete, Bonaire, Antigua, the Grenadines – the Caribbean is home to some of the best kitesurfing grounds in the world! I’m guessing that most people, though, wouldn’t count Cuba among them. I mean, just plain old surfing is illegal here. Kitesurfing Cuba? That can’t be a thing, right?

Well, actually, it is. And by the looks of this amazing video, it’s also pretty spectacular…

This bit of sublime video inspiration comes courtesy of Charlotte Consorti. A world champion professional kiteboarder, Charlotte really knows from the best kiting spots around. Additional videos she’s produced showcase her taming the waves and winds of such far flung lands as Oman, Corsica, Mozambique, and Senegal.

(Be sure to check out all of Charlotte’s global kitesurfing adventures on her Vimeo channel.)

As the above video shows, Cuba fits right in with this list.

Kitesurfing Cuba Hot Spots

The area of Cuba featured in the video is called Cayo Guillermo. It’s located in the Jardines del Rey archipelago off the north coast of Cuba. This is a prime tourist area, at least by Cuban standards.

One of the most popular beaches in Cuba, Playa Pilar, is found here. The beach is named for Ernest Hemingway’s legendary boat. It’s also the setting for the climax of his last novel, Islands In The Stream.

So, yeah, you might expect things to be a little touristy here.

Another perhaps more uncommon kitesurfing Cuba option can be found in Playa del Este. One of the most convenient beaches to Havana, Playa del Este sits less than a 30-minute drive east of the old city.

(Note: There’s another Playa del Este just outside Santiago de Cuba, a good 540 miles from Havana. You won’t want to mix them up.)

The Cuba Kite Village here appears to offer everything a kitesurfing traveler could want, including lessons.

If you’ve ever done any kiteboarding in Cuba and have additional ideal spots to share, please let us know!


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