Playa Rincon Dominican Republic

Playa Rincón Dominican Republic

Playa Rincón Dominican Republic doesn’t get quite the shine that it probably should. At least it doesn’t around me. The beach, however, is not to blame.

I mean, just look at it! Those sublime sands extend a good three+ miles, all of it blessedly and beautifully undeveloped. High-rise condos and towering resorts don’t stretch to the skies here. In their place, scores of coconut palms swaying in a persistently sweet and soothing breeze.

Yeah, Playa Rincón Dominican Republic is pretty perfect. So what’s my beef?

Actually, the my only “issue,” if you could call it that, stems more from a personal predilection toward Puerto Rico than any true strikes against this paradise. I just know and have enjoyed Puerto Rico’s Rincón much more than the DomRep version.

Perhaps after a bit more time perusing these shores, I’ll have a change of heart. 

How about you? Which Rincón do you prefer? Drop us a line here and let us know…

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