Diplomatico Planas Blanco Rum

Diplomatico Planas Blanco Rum: White Sipping Rum de Venezuela

White rums are for mixing, dark rums are for sipping. To the uninitiated, this is an immutable law of rum drinking. It’s also very much untrue. Diplomatico Planas Blanco Rum attests to this. So too does an elementary understanding of the rum maker’s art.

In The Beginning…

At its onset, all rum starts out as a clear liquid. This is very much akin, at least in appearance, to what is packaged, labeled, and marketed as white rum. Rich golden and amber hues come about as a result of the aging process. The longer that the clear liquid rests/ages in charred casks, the deeper and more pronounced the color it takes on.

(Note: Some manufacturers also throw in caramel, burnt sugar, or molasses to amp up the color.)

Upon extricating the dark aged rum from the barrel, though, a master rum maker can choose to filter the color out of the final expression. In this way, any fine aged dark rum normally considered ideal for sipping could, in fact, be a white rum.

Diplomatico Planas Blanco Rum is one such white rum.

A product of Venezuela’s Destileria Unidas S.A. (DUSA), Diplomatico Planas Blanco is distilled in pot, column, and batch kettle stills. It is then aged up to six years in ex-Bourbon casks and charcoal filtered six times to remove the color. No doubt, some of the flavor is sacrificed as well, though you’d never really know it enjoying this stuff.

Diplomatico Planas Blanco Rum Tasting Notes

That is to say, this Diplomatico blanco bursts with surprisingly sophisticated flavor. Subtle notes of coconut, vanilla, and coffee give way to a melange of tropical fruits, herbs, and spices. Banana, ginger, maybe even a bit of mango. A slightly elevated ABV (47%) adds warmth, though any harshness is dialed down by Planas’ smooth and somewhat creamy finish.

Yeah, this Diplomatico is all kinds of dynamic. That, of course, makes it great for sipping neat, or with a modicum of rocks.

Diplomatico Planas Blanco Rum, though, is more than just a great sipper. Its broad flavor profile infuses new life into tried and true white rum cocktails.

For me, mixing up a mojito or a classic daiquiri with this stuff is like discovering a whole new and elevated dimension to drinks I thought I already knew all too well!

Where To Buy Diplomatico Planas Blanco Rum

Diplomatico Planas Blanco is widely available across the USA. Expect to pay between US$25 and US$30. For online orders, try any of these trusted retailers…

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