Cuban Mojito Recipe Perfected by Our Friends at Havana Club

This sweepstakes has ended, but the recipe remains well worth trying!

We’re heading down the homestretch of our first-ever Month of Rum celebration – just five days left til we name a winner in our VIP RumFest Escape Sweepstakes! If you haven’t thrown your hat in the ring as yet, click here for a chance to win the grand prize: two VIP passes to the 2012 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, plus $500 for travel expenses (or rum).Once we do name a winner, I, for one, plan to toast his or her good fortune with the drink featured in today’s post: El Mojito.

Not a very uncommon drink selection, I know, but the thing is I plan to make my Mojito EXACTLY as outlined in the video.

What’s so great about that?

Well, for one thing, the recipe is about as authentic as you can get. El Mojito was born in Cuba. The drink has been enjoyed among the island’s populace since the 1800’s, but arguably no place did more to elevate El Mojito’s status outside the island than a little Havana bar called La Bodequita del Medio. This is the famous spot where Ernest Hemingway drew inspiration for some of history’s greatest novels while mowing down round after round of Mojitos til the wee small hours. It’s also where today’s little video instruction was shot, so you know this Mojito method is the real deal.

For another thing, well, I did say that I plan to make my Mojito EXACTLY as outlined in the video, right? That would mean I intend to use the very same very special rum required to make a perfect Mojito: Havana Club tres años.

If you read Patrick’s recent post on Samaroli Caribbean 2003, then you know that Havana Club, the real Havana Club, isn’t exactly legal here in the ol’ U.S. of A. I may have a hook-up, though, in which case I’ll be toasting our latest winner with the ultimate in Mojito magnificence.

More on that next week (I hope). Meanwhile enjoy the video, and be sure to enter our VIP RumFest Escape sweepstakes today!

¡Bueña suerte!

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