Saturday Video: Getting Closer to Cuba

Havana, Cuba 1930s

It didn’t make many headlines earlier this week, but we at Uncommon Caribbean definitely took notice when Bloomberg reported that the Obama Administration was moving toward further easing travel restrictions to Cuba. This, of course, is music to our ears. After all, what Caribbean destination could be more uncommon than the one we’ve been banned from visiting our whole lives?

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, then you know we already have a few destinations and experiences picked out for our first trip to Cuba, whenever that may be.

We’ve dreamed of sunning our buns on Cayo Largo. We’ve longed to explore Matanzas. We’ve imagined sitting with John Lennon in Havana. We’ve even enjoyed a botanical adventure along Cuba’s eastern shore, albeit by way of the New York Botanical Gardens.

Still, we’ve gotten no closer to Cuba than my Cubs have gotten to the World Series; a much longer drought to be sure, and one with much less chance of ending…


Anyway, with the prospect of unfettered travel to Cuba becoming more of a possibility for Americans in the near future, I thought I’d share a classic video from the 1930’s touting Havana’s attractions and points of interest. Not sure how much of this is still around, but I sure hope we get to check for ourselves soon.

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