Running away to Barbados

Running Away to Barbados

Literally, anytime is a good time for running away to Barbados. Literally. Any. Time. Prevailing world events, though, made the sweet scamper I enjoyed to Bim last week all the more timely…and therapeutic.

One of the more curative highlights of my latest Barbados escape was actually inspired by this image. Patrick captured it some years ago; a lone young man jogging along Carlisle Bay near dusk.

I followed in his footsteps, running the round-trip two-mile expanse of Carlisle Bay from the Radisson Aquatica to the rock jetty at the extreme northern end of Brownes Beach and back.

Slumping into the sea at end of my run, saltwater teamed with sweat to mask my tears, the weighty issues of the world floating away with the tide. At least for a little while.

Would that we could all enjoy running away to Barbados right about now…

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