Double Sexy Reasons to Love Iguana Stew

True to our uncommon nature, it was one of our earliest Taste of the Caribbean recipe posts. Supposedly succulent, though not for the squeamish, Iguana Stew certainly qualifies as one wildly exotic dish most non-West Indians would likely rather decline.

That long-ago post (Still the only post in which we encourage you to personally kill your own meal.) introduced the notion of West Indians eating iguana, though we never touched on why.

As with most of what people traditionally eat in their various corners of the world, availability no doubt plays a big part in the longstanding love of iguana meat in certain parts of the Caribbean. This is most notably true in Guyana, Trinidad, and Aruba.

Another key factor keeping iguana meat on Caribbean menus…


If you’ve been a fan of our food posts for a while, then you already know that the Caribbean is rife with foods, drinks, spices, and seasonings all geared toward getting it on. Iguana stew is no exception, though only when male iguana meat is involved.

The stipulation is not just for some made-up macho motive either.

You see, male iguanas pack double-barrel heat. That is to say, doubling the pleasure/doubling the fun is guaranteed with them every time. Or, to put it bluntly…

They have two penises.

This double endowment makes male iguanas the much more popular ones to eat.

As for how they taste, well, can you believe that we STILL haven’t gotten around to sampling this stew?! Hopefully, we can get around to it before the end of the year and report back to you.

If you’ve had Iguana Stew and can shed some light on its flavor, please let us know in the comments section below…



*Photo credit: UC fan and pro-photographer, Zach Stadler

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