Saturday Video: Hurricane Season Surfing Thrills

As Arthur’s abrupt imposition on 4th of July holiday celebrations for some along the Eastern Seaboard confirms, hurricane season has assuredly arrived once more. For just about everyone in the Caribbean, it’s the most worrisome time of the year, recalling memories of past disasters while also rekindling our worst fears of the perils that may come.

For some, though, it’s quite the opposite.

The eager anticipation that thrill-seeking surfers have for hurricane season rivals that of a five-year-old at Christmas. Their “presents,” the massive swells kicked up by the deadly storms, lead some to make last-minute mad dashes to the islands in advance of the storms just as others are hunkering down or trying to get out…

Unfortunately, this video has been removed.

*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Zach Frailey.

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