Thank you Mama – Mother's Day Reggae Anthem

Saturday Video: The Perfect Reggae Vibes for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day is coming up tomorrow, we’re setting the perfect mood with two of the top reggae anthems saluting all Moms – Sizzla’s Thank You Mama and Capleton’s Mama You Strong.

It’s been nearly 24 years since my brothers and I lost our Mom, so as you can imagine, Mother’s Day has ranked among my least favorite days of the year for quite awhile. In the five or so years since Sizzla’s hit was released, though, the song has helped to make the day a bit brighter for me. In the lyrics and rhythms I’m reminded of the good times and the special relationship we shared.

Sizzla - Thank You Mama | Official Music Video

Capleton’s more recent track is just now making its way into my iPod, though I can imagine from the video below that it will have a similarly positive effect.

Capleton - Mama you strong [Venybzz]

So, check out both videos and add some sweet reggae sounds to your Mother’s Day celebrations this year.

One Love!

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