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La Playa de Tortuguero, Costa Rica: Photo of the Day

People don’t go to Tortuguero for the beach… at least not for typical beach going reasons.

The sand is of the dark volcanic variety more akin to dirt than the powder-white stuff most prefer. The sea is even less inviting, with strong rip currents preventing any and all attempts at swimming.

For me, though, stepping on these shores for the first time yesterday was pure bliss. I’m sure other uncommon travelers would feel the same considering Tortuguero’s remote location (the entire area is solely accessible by boat or plane) and all that there is to do here.

Tortuguero National Park, in and of itself, presents a wide array of adventure travel opportunities. Hiking, kayaking, and boat tours bring you up close and personal with some of the world’s most unique jungle creatures.

Exploring the tiny riverside village of Tortuguero is a singular experience as well. No roads to the area means no cars in the town, a nice happenstance that keeps life simple and ultra relaxed here.

Back to the beach, though, its miles of windswept dark sand may not be everyone’s idea of pristine seaside beauty, but when you’re here, hiking or jogging astride the crashing surf, the persistent breeze keeping you cool as you go along, you’ll find it very appealing, indeed.

Also great here is the turtle nesting experience. All along the beach I saw dozens of turtle tracks to fresh nests dug just at the edge of the underbrush within the past day or two. A well-timed and regulated turtle walk last night turned up three green turtles, the first spotted within 10 minutes.

No beach chairs, or brightly colored umbrellas. No jet-skis, parasailing, or tootie-fruity frozen drinks either. Just raw nature: secluded, virtually unspoiled, and absolutely uncommon – the perfect first stop on my intro to Costa Rica.

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