Seeing Things More Clearly in the Exumas


The extreme descriptor seems apropos of the incredible beauty and clarity of the waters in and around the Exumas. Here, in this 100 square-mile archipelago of 365 islets, rocks, and cays, The Bahamas truly shows off, elevating the notion of it being “Better in The Bahamas” to levels seemingly not of this world.

Having traveled to the Exumas, hopped about a few of her uninhabited islets, marveled at her natural wonders, laughed with her people, and otherwise simply fallen for her charms, I can say that otherworldly doesn’t really even begin to describe the all-encompassing beauty of this place.

The truth is as clear as the gin-like water pictured above. There just can’t be anything or anyplace quite like the Exumas in this world or any other…

Keen on seeing and experiencing more of what makes the Exumas so special? Then you’ll want to see this.

Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero.

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