Friday Happy Hour: Prestige is Perfect Caribbean Beer for the Super Bowl

Haiti’s Prestige Beer/SBPR

If you’re alive and living in the U.S. today, then it’s a good bet you’re gearing up for the nation’s premier sporting event, unofficial national holiday and largest weekend orgy of overindulgence all rolled up in one. That’s right, people, Super Bowl Weekend is here!

Now, when it comes to overindulging for the Super Bowl, one drink stands above the rest: beer. If the Super Bowl is not the top beer-drinking “holiday” of the year in America (a dubious Neilsen survey says it isn’t by a long shot), then it’s certainly way up there.

Baseball and apple pie were then, drinking beer and watching football are now!

Naturally, the beers most Americans reach for while enjoying this most American of sporting bacchanals are produced here in America. In keeping with our “uncommon” ways, though, we’re opting for the brew that is nothing less than the pride of Haiti, Prestige.

A product of the Brasserie Nationale d’Haiti (BRANA), Prestige was first introduced right about the time I made my first, and so far only, trip to Haiti in the mid-1970’s. Pre-Prestige, most beer drinkers in Haiti opted for European brews. Today, an estimated 98% of all beer enjoyed in Haiti bears the Prestige brand… and I can tell you from experience, they don’t just drink it out of a sense of national pride.

Prestige is, plain and simple, a really good beer.

Like a lot of Caribbean beers, it’s light and easy-drinking; perfect for the region’s warm and sunny days. Unlike most Caribbean beers that I know, it’s brewing traditions are not based in Europe. In fact, of all the Caribbean beers, Prestige is the most like an American brew.

How do I know this, besides the fact that I’m enjoying one right now? Well, you see the “World’s Beer Cup 2000 Winner” award so prominently displayed on the label? That represents the Gold Medal won by Prestige in the world’s most prestigious beer competition, aka: The Olympics of Beer. The category in which Prestige brought home the gold: American-Style Lager.

So, ditch the Clydesdales, forget the High Life and instead enjoy the Caribbean beer with American flavor during your Super Bowl party this weekend!


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