Saturday Video: Is Jamaica’s New TV Ad All Right?

In the grand, old history of promoting and selling vacation travel to the Caribbean, no destination has ever done it better than Jamaica.

“Once you go, you know.”

“Come to Jamaica and feel alright.”

“Come back to Jamaica… what’s old is what’s new…”

The slogans and the memorably catchy marketing campaigns they’ve spawned are ingrained in the subconscious of just about everybody who’s visited Jamaica (and much of the rest of the Caribbean) in the past 30+ years. Their latest effort seeks to build upon the success of the past…

Once again, we get amazing images of Jamaica’s natural beauty set to a classic Bob Marley chune. The “Get All Right” slogan plays off Marley as well, while harkening back to the “Come to Jamaica and Feel Alright” campaign from years past.

Nice, right?

What do you think, does Jamaica’s new ad have you Jonesing for another trip to JA?

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