Saturday Video: Remembering Bob Marley in a New Documentary

Me and Hollywood have been on the outs for years. If you’ve tried to endure the seemingly endless drivel that constitutes much of what loosely passes as cinema these days, then you know why. Sequels, prequels, star-driven vehicles, chick flicks, action movies (no more Jason Statham, please!) and sci-fi that’s anything but fly – basically it all sucks.

I seriously don’t think I’ve been excited about any movie of any kind in more than 10 years! All that changes this weekend with the release of Kevin MacDonald’s eagerly anticipated documentary, Marley.

The two-and-a-half hour opus traces the legendary life and times of Bob Marley like nothing else that has ever come before. Rare footage of his epic live performances, even rarer images of his private life and fresh, new interviews with his surviving friends and family who knew him best paint a uniquely revealing look at the musical genius from Jamaica who really was so much more…

I’m gleaning all this info from film critic reviews and the trailer above, of course, but anyone can enjoy Marley today, and you don’t need to head to your local theater either. That’s because the film’s producers have made Marley available for download and immediate viewing via Facebook and iTunes! You can also find it via various On Demand channels, DirecTV, Dish Network, etc., etc. (See viewing links here).

It’s about as broad a global distribution strategy as I’ve ever seen for a new film, which only seems fitting for the man who so touched and inspired so much of the various people of the world.

One Love, indeed.

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