Blue Mountain Coffee Time in Negril | SBPR

Blue Mountain Coffee Time in Negril

Coffee time is always special in Jamaica. After all, this is the land of Blue Mountain Coffee, as bold and robust a cup-o-joe as you’ll find anywhere. In recent years I’ve largely eschewed coffee in favor of a daily dose of organic green tea. When I first started out in the travel biz, though, it was always Blue Mountain Coffee for me. I enjoyed my first taste during a Caribbean Tourism Organization conference in Ocho Rios. It was love at first sip, the rich and redoubtably strong flavor immediately winning me over. It was a feeling I worked hard to maintain, carting several bags back to the states with each subsequent visit to Jamaica. I don’t really miss it, though each and every time I return to JA, I make sure to savor a cup for old times sake. Whether starting the day at the 24 Seven Cafe in New Kingston, waiting for a flight at Club Mobay, or relaxing at the spot pictured here, the fantastic Blue Coffee Cafe at Sunset At The Palms, nothing settles my soul back in Jamaica quite like a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee.

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