Floating beneath the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica | SBPR

Floating Beneath The Cliffs Of Negril, Jamaica

All at sea.

The old phrase carries negative connotations dating back to the era before GPS and other modern navigational systems. Back then, any ship described as such was said to be in peril, out of sight, or lost. The phrase survives to this day, though you generally hear it describing someone, not a ship, nowadays. And not someone necessarily anywhere near the water either. Indeed, if someone says you look “all at sea,” then you probably appear lost or confused. None of this, of course, applies to the guy pictured here floating beneath the cliffs of Negril at Tensing Pen. He might be well at sea, but he doesn’t look the least bit lost, confused, or otherwise bothered about anything.

Kinda’ makes you wish you could be all at sea in Jamaica too, right..?


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