Antillean Kestrel

Antillean Kestrel: An Uncommon Quarantine Companion

Say hi to Kes, an Antillean Kestrel, and our quarantine companion here on the island of Montserrat.⁣

Turns out, before we moved into our new volcano paradise house, this kestrel had already made herself at home… And even raised a family!⁣

Every day, this Antillean sparrow hawk and her mate Falco spend the day hunting, feeding their child in a nearby mahogany tree, and generally hanging out. Yesterday, she sat in this spot by her nest for over an hour as we worked away, taking Zoom calls not 20 feet away.⁣

Sure, falco sparverius caribaearum may be the smallest and most common falcon in North America, with a range from Alaska down to the tip of Argentina and almost everywhere in between. Still, she makes for a pretty unique quarantine companion.⁣

So, yeah. We named this Antillean kestrel Kes (no, not that Kes!) and her mate Falco. The juvenile spends most of his time in that nearby tree, so we haven’t thought of a name for it yet. Of course, if you have any ideas, let us know!⁣

I’m sure we’ll be sharing more about this family again soon, so stay tuned! ⁣

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