Coconut Beach Dominica

Coconut Beach Dominica: Beautifully Brown Beach Heaven

Unlike the Dominican Republic, with which it’s often confused, Dominica isn’t much celebrated for its beaches. Why, though, remains a mystery to me. To be sure, the vast majority of the sands that line Dominica’s shores are decidedly not of the sugar-white variety preferred by typical travelers. The destination is, after all, the Caribbean’s most volcanic. As such, ebony and silver-grey sands are more de rigueur here. Coconut Beach Dominica, though, is somewhat set apart. Sands here carry more of a brownish hue. It’s a distinctive beautifully brownish hue, if you ask me. One that I find intoxicating; a difference to be celebrated. 

* Coconut Beach Dominica photo credit: Patrick Bennett Photography

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