Crêpe Ginger

Crêpe Ginger Healing Powers Extend Beyond Bush Medicine

The medicinal powers of crêpe ginger plants have been well-known throughout the Caribbean for centuries. Fever, nausea, constipation, rashes – this flowery green godsend treats them all. In the case of this particular ginger, though, the healing goes beyond typical therapeutics for me.

More to the point: this image has helped to soothe my soul over the tumultuous events of the past few days.

Tracing the sweetly seductive natural curve of the red stem with my eyes calms me somehow. The deep greens do too. This, of course, aligns with prevailing color psychology

It’s an image you could stare at all day, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing today. Here’s hoping it helps you too…

*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett.

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