Happily Hauled Up at Ilet Oscar

Happily Hauled Up at Ilet Oscar, Martinique

Sometimes there’s no place else you want to go; nowhere else that you’d rather be. That’s the feeling I always get at Ilet Oscar. Every time I’m here, I see that same brightly-colored boat hauled up beneath the palms. I imagine being stranded here; the boat my only means of returning to civilization. In my dreams, though, I never move the boat. Truthfully, I think I’d be more apt to turn it into firewood if I ever really did get stranded here. This tiny islet set off the windswept Atlantic coast of Martinique is just that special.

The uniquely infamous history surrounding the origins of the guesthouse here is part of the draw. So too is the close proximity to Josephine’s Bathtub.

The bigger deal to me, though, is just the overall feeling of peace and pleasure that Ilet Oscar engenders in you.

Sipping a cafe royal on the patio. Swaying gently in a rope hammock. Walking the rocky shore beneath the coconut palms. Trekking out in search of your very own fresh catch of the day.

No matter what you decide to do here, you can bet that it’ll bring smiles you won’t ever want to end.

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