Kool Vybes Bar and Jerk Centre, Negril

Kool Vybes Bar and Jerk Centre, Negril

An astounding number of jerk huts, pits, bars, and restaurants line the main road that runs along the shore in Negril, the touristy town at the far western reaches of Jamaica. On a drive the wife and I enjoyed here back in June, we literally lost count trying to keep track of them all. One thing all of these jerk places had in common: they all claimed to be “the best,” the boast always conspicuously noted on their signage. Despite their proliferation, we didn’t get to put any of these establishments to the test. Our visit was so short and the jerk chicken and pork on offer at our resort – the fabulous Sunset At The Palms – was so good that we really never felt tempted to stray. If you have a favorite, though, that we shouldn’t miss when next we’re down Negril way, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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