Moho Caye Belize

Moho Caye, Belize: Distance Makes This Paradise Spectacular

Sailing opens up a host of experiences and destinations those stuck on land will never know. One perfect example of this truth is Moho Caye, Belize.

Set in pristine turquoise waters and fringed by vibrant coral heads teeming with life, Moho Caye is a stunning stop for anyone exploring the seas off Placencia.

Snorkeling, swimming, or just sunning yourself on the blindingly white sand are all excellent options for ways to pass your time on this tiny paradise.

On a recent visit, below the waves, we were greeted by spectacular spotted eagle rays, huge gray angelfish, and grouper. We saw rainbow parrotfish, princess parrotfish, and stoplight parrotfish. There were grouper, honeycomb cowfish, squirrelfish, blue tang, spiny lobster, and more — all swimming around some of the healthiest coral I’ve ever seen.

On land, we held hermit crab races, strolled beneath the swaying palm trees, and just took in all the natural wonder all around.

But when you’re done enjoying the island’s palm tree-fringed idyllic 12 acres, there’s nothing quite like dinghying back to your boat to settle in for a night under the stars. At 12 miles off the coast, overnight guests get a view of the Milky Way arching across the jewel-encrusted sky that’s hard to find on land.

Locals and children under 12 are free. Other guests can spend the day for $10 USD or even camp overnight for just $20 USD. The only rules? Don’t remove anything living or dead, avoid damaging the corals, and leave your speakers at home.

Wish you were here?

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