Mt. Liamuiaga Crater
🇰🇳St. Kitts

Otherworldly Insides of Mt. Liamuiaga, St. Kitts

Volcanoes inspire awe when admired from afar, but it’s up-close views like this that truly appeal to uncommon travelers. This is the sight that greets you at the summit of Mt. Liamuiaga, the 3,792-foot stratovolcano that dominates the northern landscape of St. Kitts. As the tallest peak on the island, Liamuiaga presents St. Kitts’ ultimate hiking challenge. The payoff, though, is obviously out of this world. The crater stretches just over half-a-mile wide. Dense rainforest blankets the slopes, descending to a crater lake seemingly pulled from a Star Wars movie. Yeah, it’s awe-inspiring and then some. So too are the views of St. Kitts herself from up here, assuming you’re lucky enough to make the trek on a cloudless day.


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