Pelican Island, BVI

Pelican Island BVI Casts A Spell Worthy Of Its Old Name

Pelican Island BVI is as pretty as any corner of the Caribbean. Imagine mooring here and plunging into those sweetly cerulean seas? Imagine chilling on that brilliant white sand beach! Looks like heaven, right? Really makes you wonder how the islet came to be known by its previous name: Witch Island.  I mean, there’s nothing spooky, dark, or scary about this place. Maybe the name was meant to keep people away. If I was lucky enough to have found Pelican Island unnamed, I certainly wouldn’t be in a hurry to share it with anyone else. Or maybe the old name purposely played up the paradise. After all, Pelican Island BVI definitely casts a sweet spell on all who happen along here, be it by boat or broomstick.


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett


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