Punta Cancun Lighthouse

Punta Cancun Lighthouse – Where the Locals Lime for Sunset

It’s funny how non-touristy things often hide in plain sight within the most touristy places. Punta Cancun Lighthouse, or el Faro de Punta Cancun, is one such example. Situated at the extreme northern end of Cancun’s hotel zone, the red and white-striped tower rises to a height of 40 feet. The exterior staircase that encircles it doesn’t extend to the ground, so there’s no climbing to the top. If you like hanging with the locals, though, you’ll want to make your way here anyway. Scores of Cancun residents, and visitors in the know, gather here at the close of each day. The reason: Punta Cancun Lighthouse is one of the best sunset spots in the area. I’d see them each day in the late-afternoon hours of my meeting-filled weekend visit to the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Resort and Spa a few weeks ago. Sadly, my day job duties didn’t allow me to check out the local vibe and sunset first-hand. It’s tops on my list for my next visit, though.



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