Royal View of Woodlands Beach, Montserrat

Royal View of Woodlands Beach from Mango Falls, Montserrat

It’s not often we get to see things through the eyes of royalty. At the Mango Falls Villa in Montserrat, though, you can enjoy views fit for a princess like the one above. That’s Woodlands Beach stretching to the south, its sexy dark sands bathed in brilliant sunlight. Mango Falls rests above the beach, ensconced in a combination of verdant forest and manicured gardens. The four-bedroom/four-bath property is spacious and elegant, though not at all pretentious. To me, the true luxuries at Mango Falls are the location and the views. No doubt both appealed to Princess Anne when she stayed in 2005.

You don’t have to be royally rich, though, to stay at Mango Falls. Incredibly, the villa rents for less than $2,000 per week out of season!

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