Aruba sunset at Amuse Sunset Restaurant | SBPR

Super Spectacular Sunset at Amuse Sunset Restaurant, Aruba

Sunsets are seriously just super spectacularly sweet in Aruba, nowhere more so than at Amuse Sunset Restaurant, Aruba. I mean, sunset is in the name of the place! This should give you a clue as to the awesomeness of the color and light show that crowns each day here. Amuse is located just south of the airport, well away from the sprawling resorts and chain restaurants that line Palm Beach. A mishmash of humble local homes and commercial businesses serving the airport and the nearby Varadero Aruba Marina and Boatyard surround Amuse, neither too close to impinge on the elegance and romance of the place. Just across the bay, the unspoiled natural beauty of Renaissance Island stretches toward the setting sun. Vibrant red, pink, orange, and purple streaks fill the sky as the sun settles in for the night. The best is yet to come, though, as the cuisine at Amuse is simply amazing! I’ll have a full rundown of the dining experience here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

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