Waitukubuli – Original Name of The Nature Island of the Caribbean

The Nature Island. Dominica’s nickname is well-earned, for obvious reasons. The Kalinago people who originally inhabited the island, though, had a different name for their home. Waitukubuli. The word translates to “tall is her body.” This fits, of course. Dominica is a good bit taller (29.2 miles north-south) than it is wide (18 miles).

No matter where you roam in Waitukubuli, though, expect to be awed and inspired.  The collection of incredible natural wonders here is simply unmatched anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Dominica (Waitukubuli) Travel Guide

Need help planning a Dominica/Waitukubuli escape? Check out our Dominica Travel Guide. It’s packed with honest and un-biased information covering the best of The Nature Island.

Where to stay? Things to do? What to eat? Best spots to drink bush rum? Our Dominica Travel Guide dishes on all of this…and more!

Check it out!


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett.

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